In with the new

Running Shoes Todays adventure was trekking 20 or so miles in gale force winds and drifting snow to pick up a new pair of running shoes. Last year I completely neglected picking up new shoes and as a result I did not run all that much, funny how that works. After a couple of days of breaking in these beauties I'll have no excuse when it comes to running. My plan is to get on a couch to 5K program and work my way up over the first couple months of the new year. This means I'll have to make some adjustments to the old weight lifting routine, but, to be honest, I've stagnated when it's come beating PR's in the weight room. And try as I may I still don't quite look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Perhaps if I shaved my chest.

While I was at the gym, breaking in my shoes, there was someone running for what must have been half an hour. This is a feat I find way more impressive then having a 300LB bench or 500LB deadliest, it just takes a lot more discipline to be able to run long distances: whether it be maintaining a healthy diet or running on an almost daily basis. Whereas when it comes to lifting weights you can hit a body part once a week and eat whatever you want. Obviously high level body building and strength training also take a ton of discipline, but for the sake of losing weight and being more athletic, running is more the route for me. As with all things, I'd imagine that there is a balance between running and lifting weights that will get me to the physique and general fitness level that I want.


A couple of days ago I bought a Nexus 7 and could not be more impressed. Last year I made the mistake of buying the original Kindle Fire, which is to say I made the mistake of buying a first generation tech product. After a year of use it became obvious that the original Fire was a subpar product. The resolution of the screen was sub-HD (the difference in image quality between HD and sub-HD tablets is staggering) and even doing simple internet browsing became a pain the the arse. This year I did a lot more research on which tablet I wanted to pick up, and for the price, $230, you just can't beat the Nexus 7 for functionality and Google integration. I use Google products for most of my online needs: GMail, Calendar, Docs and Chrome are all products I rely on and they are all integrated into the Nexus 7 better than any other tablet. I spent enough time with the new iPad Mini with Retina Display to realize that the screens on both devices are almost identical. For $170 extra I'm just not sure that there is enough added functionality from robust IOS app store, or extra horsepower from the A7 chip, to make it worth it for me.

If I was going to use a tablet in place of a laptop, then I think the iPad would be a great option, but as a secondary device that I plan to use mostly for reading, Twitter and light internet browsing, the Nexus 7 is a perfect device. For someone who writes as much as I do, there is still no beating a laptop for day-to-day use. My hope is that Apple includes a retina display on the new MacBook Airs, because my 2010 MBP is starting to show it's age a little bit, both in how fast it runs Apps, and on the hardware itself where I've basically worn the paint off the area where my left palm rests while typing.



I was very pleased to see that Community is once again a top tier show with Dan Harmon back in the captains chair. It's also a treat getting Jonathan Banks back in my TV viewing life. Although it's hard to imagine Banks as anything but an old, curmudgeon cleaner for various drug czars. (Pours one out for Mike)

Is Community actually going to get to that fabled sixth season and a movie? I've tried to get my friends interested in the show, but I'll admit that it's a little intimidating trying to keep up with all the references in any given episode of the show. It's kind of like a graduate course for pop culture nuts. The way Harmon was able to both tie this seasons premiere to pilot episode of the series and also separate this season from last season (Harmon was fired last season, then brought back this year after Community's rabid fan base nearly rioted) was great. It'll be interesting to see how the show gets along with Chevy Chase and Donald Glover, it's sad to see both go, but if I have faith in any show runner to make things work in the face of chaos, it's Dan Harmon; the guy seems to do his best work when things get super crazy.