It's too cold for a clever title

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I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've spent the past hour or so perusing different themes on Wordpress, as if choosing the right theme will help the readability of the posts. After messing around with a much of themes where I can add a hundred widgets and show all my social media feeds, I remembered that the whole purpose of this blog is to get back to writing and not worrying about things that effect my Klout score. So here we are with a theme that is minimal, if you want to know where else I am on the internet just ask!

The majority of this glorious winter's day has been spent under a harem of blankets, with a lone excursion into the madness of this arctic blast to go to the gym. I didn't want to let the little things like exposure, or hypothermia get in the way of starting my Couch-to-5K routine. Not that those are real risks when the gym I go to is two blocks away, but in this whether there is no such thing as petty achievement. I salute anyone who did as much as collect their mail out of their mailboxes today. I'm happy to say that my days are only a tad sore after todays workout. For the first week of this program I am doing intervals of two minutes walking and one jogging. There's something a little humbling about having this routine,  and it's a little embarrassing having people around me running twenty minutes straight without breaking a sweat while I'm plodding  away a minute at a time. There was this great moment about halfway through the workout where my knees caught wind of what was happening.

Knees: So we are doing this again, huh? Brain: Yeah. That's right, just a little light jogging to start off the new year. Knees: We noticed there's a little more weight up there since last summer, you sure you want to test so early in the year? Brain: Well, I dare say that this is hardly a test. Just a few minutes of jogging, no worries. Knees: Eh. How about we put this whole running thing on hold until the rest of the machine has dropped a couple of pounds? Brain: Listen, the diet is in the works, but we need you on board if we're going to make this weight loss thing happen, remember two years ago? Knees: Yeah, we remember. It was horrible. The heavy squats, the sprints, that one time at Yoga... Brain: The faster we push through these first couple of weeks the easier it will be on... (Knees start to shoot piercing pain to brain)  Brain: What the hell! Knees: You want to do this, fine, but we're not going to play nice. We'll bear the load like we always do, but you're going to hear from us more often than you did when we were all 18. We always get the shaft. We do all the work and it's abs that looks better, and you that feels good. The best we can hope for is a good icing and a few days off. Brain: Well, if that's how you feel fine. Two minutes later Lungs: Oh, you've got to be f###ing kidding me!


CES, or the Consumer Electronic Show,  is happening this week in Las Vegas. So far the hot items seem to be 4K televisions, wearable technology (i.e. smart watches), and tablets that can run full Windows as well as Android. Of the those three the thing that I can see actually purchasing in the next couple of years is a 4K monitor, perhaps not a TV necessarily, but maybe a computer screen. I'm a sucker when it comes to pixel density. The prices of 4K televisions are still pretty crazy, but you can tell just by spending a few minutes in front of one that it's the future. For know I'll just playing the waiting game. Prices will come down. TV manufacturers are desperate right now because most people who bought HD TV's in the last five years are not necessarily looking to upgrade. The early adopters have plenty of options now, and soon we will all be able to afford 4K.

As far as wearable tech, I just don't see the advantage of a smart watch over a smart phone, especially when the current models require that you have a phone that can send notifications to the watch. I find the redundancy to be kind of hilarious. A couple of friends have been trying to sell me on the idea of using a fit tracker to count how many miles I walk during the day, or how many calories I burn on a run, and maybe this summer I'll mess around with one, but during the winter I'm on a treadmill that does those things for me, so I don't see the value in picking up a fit-bit or something similar. I do not plan on buying a watch I can talk to, or glasses that make me look like a giant creep any time soon though.

As far as tablets that are trying to be more and more like laptops, that's just a product that is not intended for me.  I can see how 12 inch tablet that has a keyboard dock, and runs windows would be a great product for a business man who wants to get work done on a flight, or have something to watch Netflix on in the hotel room, but I still use tablets mainly as consumption devices and can't see a lot of use cases for me. I'm all for laptops being super light and having retina displays though - Apple, if you could get on that it would be much appreciated.

The great thing about CES, which is also the great thing about technology, is that the things we end up loving the most are the things we don't see coming. Certainly the iPhone qualifies as a this kind of product, and in my opinion the Oculus Rift, which made a public debut at last years CES, fits the category as well. It's big trade shows like CES that launches companies and trends in tech for years to come. That has changed a bit in recent years with big companies like Apple, Google and Amazon having their own product unveils, but it's still a lot of fun to see companies try to predict the future. They often fail, but when they get it right they change the world. That's pretty cool.