No pain. No excuse to use cliches

Workout two of Couch-to-5K is in the books. Found out that you are actually supposed to run for a minute and rest for 90 seconds, not 120 seconds. I thought that first workout was a little easy. Knocking off thirty seconds of rest time per interval makes things a little more interesting. My old friend Mr. Shin Splint is back, which makes things a little more interesting, but overall I'm feeling pretty good about this first week. As much as I want to skip ahead in the routine I know that if I don't take this program seriously I'll stall out when it comes to running more than a mile at a time. Sometimes you have to put your trust in the program. I learned the hard way about knowing your limits when it came to lifting weights. I thought it would be a good idea to deadlift more weight than I was ready for. Big mistake. You don't know what real back pain  is until it gets so bad that you start dreading going to the bathroom or getting out of bed in the morning. Don't be that person. It's embarrassing. Find a program that fits your goals, has been vetted by a large group of people, and stick with it. Oh yeah. About that title of the post.


Every time I start a new running routine my right heel gets super raw and I inevitably lose a few socks to blood. These are the kinds of sacrifices that have to get made if you want to be a runner.


The thing about dieting, at least for me, is pretty simple. If you buy healthy food at the store, odds are you are going to eat healthy food at home. This is perhaps the most obvious statement you've read this year, but boy-oh-boy do I struggle with buying the healthy food at the store. When you have a rough day, get home late and want something quick to eat how easy is it to just grab a frozen pizza and throw it in the oven? If you have a bunch of frozen pizzas in the freezer it's too easy. At least for me, you may have the willpower to keep a much a junk food laying around the house and still eat healthy but if there is any kind of junk food lying around my house I am eventually going to eat it. Don't even get me started on what happens to a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos if it is left in a room with me unattended. It's gets ugly, really ugly.

When I lost a bunch of weight a couple of years ago it wasn't by going on a crazy,  low carb, Paleo Diet or anything like that - I just started buying more chicken breasts, rice and greens at the store, and stayed away from the chips/beer aisles. I'm telling you, those middle aisles in grocery stores are no good for you. Just stick to the edges of the store when you are shopping and your golden.

When people ask what are the proper tools for dieting I tell them to pick up these things:


I lost 50 pounds by exercising and using the George Forman grill a whole lot. Once you learn how to grill chicken breasts, burgers (turkey burgers in my case) and fish, you are basically 90% there when it comes to dieting.   I don't even use the blender a whole lot. You can also make your life a whole lot easier by buying a rice cooker, those things are great. Now, you can ask anyone who has gone on a successful diet and they will tell you to a person that hot sauce is an integral part of making a diet work. That little bottle of heaven in the picture is Cholula Hot Sauce. It's delicious. When you are eating a whole lot of chicken, rice and eggs, finding the right hot sauce is like finding a cool stream in the desert.

I think we can all agree that dieting sucks. There's nothing I love more in this world than a bacon cheeseburger, preferably with a fried egg on top, just to really kick it up a notch - but it's also a lot of fun to work within a set of limitations. Dieting forces me to get more creative in the chicken. How can I make a standard set of ingredients good, or more importantly taste different from the same meal that I had last week. if you stick to diet you find yourself stretching your limits as a cook. You start making all kinds of marinades and sauces, and making healthy pizza's from scratch. There's not a whole lot to enjoy about giving up the foods you love in the name of losing weight. The main motivator for me is getting on a scale at the beginning of the week, but there is also a part of me that loves being creative in the face of constraints. We'll see how creative I can get in the next couple of weeks, for there is nary a frozen pizza insight.