An (almost) wasted weekend

Today my friend made the mistake of asking me what my opinions were of the second season of House of Cards. The conversation started via text message, but it soon became apparent that I would not be able to convey the avalanche of feels I have about the show in 160 characters. What happened next was a phone call that may have set a world record for most words said in a twenty minute span, 95% of which was form my end. For a season that I did not particular love, I sure had a lot to say about it. I'm going to take a day or two to cool off of my initial impressions before I write a review. I would like to thank my buddy Chad for being a punching bag for me to swing at as I get my thoughts together.


I noticed while logging into my account that tomorrow's post will by my 50th. It's hard to imagine that we are already 50 days into the year, and that I have gone this long blogging without missing a single day. As I mentioned yesterday I'm going to be making some changes to my daily schedule, and one way or another we'll see if I can turn myself into a morning writer. Given tomorrow's post will be a bit of a milestone for the year, I'll try to write a piece of fiction for the site. All of the longer pieces I've been working on for other projects are not ready to share, and I kind of like the idea of knocking out a story in a day. I enjoy having to work under a deadline, even if it is self-imposed, it gets me off my lazy ass - figuratively speaking - and gives the work an added sense of urgency.

A little forced productivity is definitely not a bad thing considered how disgustingly slothful my weekend has been. Watching 14 episodes of a TV show in two days,  is a good way to  make you feel like an amorphous blog. I also have to admit that the healthiest thing I've eaten all weekend were a couple of enchiladas, so you can imagine how my body feels. I'm not one to usually go to the gym on a Sunday, but my body was screaming for some kind of physical activity. This weekend reminded me what my life used to be like before I started working out again two years ago. For years I would eat the same foods that I was disgusted with myself for eating this weekend, and the most I would workout would be walking back and forth from my couch to the fridge to pour another glass of Mt. Dew. If you want to know an efficient way to put on 30 pounds in a year, you could do far worse than the combo of video games, Mt Dew, chips, and zero strenuous activity throughout the day. It's not impossible to imagine that, if I would have stayed on the track I was on four years ago, I would weigh 300 pounds right now and be at a major risk of heart attack before I turned 30. That thought scares the hell out of me, and is motivation to put work in on days where all I want to do is lie around and do nothing.

It almost seems like cheating to be able to go to the gym on a Sunday and work off a large chunk of the damage I did to myself this weekend. I'm at a point where I have no problem going in and running a mile, biking 10 miles, jump roping for ten minutes, and hitting the heavy bag for another ten minutes. If I'm having a hard time writing, or just have a lot of aggression to get out of my system, there is nothing better than spending some time on the heavy bag. You'd be amazed how fast the heavy bag will take from being filled to brim with angry energy to a placid puddle of exhaustion. When people ask me what good exercises there are to lose weight besides running, swimming and riding the bike - I tell them to spend ten minutes learning good punching technique and find themselves a heavy bag. I also tell them to spend the five dollars on a jump rope, because that thing is the perfect weigh loss tool. Having a gym so close to my house is like having a Game Genie for my general fitness level. The real work to losing weight still has to happen in the kitchen, but it's nice to have a gym two blocks away as a means to burn off those cheat day calories.

All of this is to say that I am not entirely happy with this weekend. For people who work full time jobs, weekends are a time to get their minds right, but with my schedule every day wasted is just missed opportunities to make money, and get cool things done. Perhaps I wouldn't be thinking the same way if House of Cards was excellent, and gave me a ton of good material to write about, unfortunately that was not the case. Instead I am bemoaning all the words hat could have been written, and the pages that could have been read. Here is to a much more productive week, and the hope that True Detective stays as excellent as it has been in the last couple of week.