This is a website brought to you by me, Justin Jacobs. 

I'm a freelance writer who you can contact at giosjustin[at]gmail[dot]com

In 2016 I married the woman of my dreams and left my full time day job to pursue writing full time.

This site was made as a place to showcase some of my writing, as well as serve as a scrapbook of sorts to keep tabs on things I find interesting on the web. In the old days this site would probably be referred to as a blog

Places you can follow me

Twitter: JustinJacobs
Instagram: justinjacobs34
Facebook: JustinJacobs
Snapchat: mrpopashot

I moved to Davenport, Iowa a couple of years back and shortly after met the love of my life. If it wasn't for Theresa this site probably wouldn't be a thing, so you have her to thank or blame for this.