A.O. Scott on the late David Carr

“What else?” was the question that would punctuate every conversation with him. What were you working on? What did you think of this or that political event, show-business caper or piece of office gossip? How was your family? What were you thinking? This was sincere, friendly curiosity, the expression of a naturally gregarious temperament. But it was also the operation of a tireless journalistic instinct. David was always hungry for stories. He was a collector of personalities and anecdotes, a shrewd and compassionate judge of character. A warrior for the truth.
— A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Last week we lost a giant in the world of newspaper journalism. David Carr represented everything I loved about writing. He wrote with tons of heart, had little time for bull shit, and was tenacious in his search for truth. There have been many great posts in the past few days about his legacy, but none hit me harder than Carr's colleague, A.O. Scott talking about his lost friend.