Trailer: The Fate of the Furious

Another year, another amazing trailer for the Fast and Furious franchise.  This one has fast cars, plenty of The Rock, and a surprising heel turn. You know we are living in dark times when Dom turns his back on the family. 

I'm so happy that this series found a formula that makes for exciting movie going, that doesn't make it's audience feel bad that they are watching mindless entertainment. They keep bringing in fun actors: The Rock, Kurt Russell, and now the wonderful Charlize Theron in an attempt to always have someone compelling on screen. It's easy to sit through terrible Tyrese Gibson dialogue when you have The Rock throwing shade his way. 

This series does not even need to wink and nod to us anymore. The movies have become well crafted action thrillers that almost always provide a few laughs, and something that we've never seen in the genre before. Once the submarine shows up in the trailer I was ready to put my money down.