Basketball legend Craig Sager dies at the age of 65

In what is heartbreaking news to this basketball fan, TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager has died at the age of 65. 


Sideline reporting is a tough, and often times thankless job. Craig Sager did it better than anyone else for the span of his 40 year career. Most people will remember him for his crazy suits, but he was a deeply loved figure in the NBA. Always picking up on the subtleties of the games he was covering, he was never afraid to ask hard questions in hopes of teaching the viewers about the game.

Here's a video of San Antonio Spurs Head Coach, Greg Popovich - usually the worst coach interview in professional sports - clearly moved by Sager covering a game while he was fighting acute myeloid leukemia. 

Craig fought cancer with the same kind of grace that he displayed as a reporter. He did his job with great enthusiasm and class, and was never afraid to be himself. He was an institution, and will be sourly missed.