Let's have some fun

I'm traveling over the next couple of days so there will be no comprehensive Thunder/Warriors preview, but I think we all know what to expect. Russell Westbrook is going to do his best to blow up the series like the neutron bomb he is. Kevin Durant will be a matchup problem that will be left to Iggy, Barnes and Draymond to try to solve.

We'll see if the Thunders defense, which was crushing against the Spurs can slowdown the Warriors. For as great as the Spurs were this year, they became overly reliant on Leonard and Aldridge to carry the offense, Golden State has many more weapons to contend with.

This is the series we've all been waiting for, the system vs the dynamic duo. There's so much riding on the line in this series. Can the Warriors finish off the most dominate series in NBA history, or will the Thunder finally reach their full potential and get that elusive ring. It feels like the future of the league is on the line in this series, if the Thunder lose Durant may leave and end up playing for Golden State or the Spurs, completely changing the power structure of the Association.

For Golden State this series is one of two hurdles left to becoming one of the greatest teams in the history of the league, not to mention a team on the brink of a dynasty. It's hard not to root for this kind of greatness, it's what drew people to Jordan's Bulls team. It's what makes the Patriots so damn intriguing, even when the stories are not about football. The Warriors have already changed the way we think about professional basketball and how it's played, but this is their chance to prove that last year's title was no fluke. This is the test that everyone has asked the Warriors to pass. This is the series we've been waiting for now for two years. Let's enjoy every minute of it.