Hide your wife and kids from this Cavs/Raptors series

If there is one image that perfectly incapsulates what happened in last night's 115-84 thrashing of the Toronto Raptors at the hand of the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's this:

I was worried that this series would end up looking exactly like game one did. LeBron James can bully DeMare Carroll in the post whenever he wants, and James has the speed to go around any bigger defender Toronto sends his way. James shot 11-13 in game one, scoring 24 points in just 28 minutes. It was a - don't forgot that I can dominate this game whenever I want - kind of performance. He still owes the rim an apology for this dunk.

Just look at what happened to the ball after the dunk. 

I'm not sure who to feel worse for, the Raptors or the basketball. 

The Cavs came into this series hitting threes at a historically high rate, but have shown they are are more than willing to switch up their game plan when a new opportunity presents itself. The Raptors currently have zero rim protection. With Jonas Valanciunas sitting out it's open season for Irving and James to attack. Irving finished the game with 27 points and five assists. His ball handling was electric, just watch him lay Corey Joseph to rest with a nasty behind the back crossover. 

There's not much else to say about this game. Sometimes you just have to call a beatdown a beatdown and get on with your life. Kyle Lowry's jump shot went back into hibernation, he hit just 4-14 from the field and 0-7 from deep. The bench was a horrid 10-27 shooting, and was completely destroyed by Cleveland's death lineup of LeBron plus: Shumpert, Jerfferson, Dellavedova and Channing Frye - a group which is just devastating against second units. 

The Cavaliers are still undefeated in the playoffs, and it does  not look like the Raptors will prove much of a challenge for LeBron and his friends. If the Western Conference Finals goes to six or seven games it's possible that Cleveland will have a couple of weeks to rest up. Let's hope that Jonas gets back sooner than later to give Toronto some kind of boost, because right now the most drama we are going to get from this series is LeBron's attempted murders of the rim.