Senate Republicans take first steps to repeal ACA, with no replacement plan in sight

Honestly, it's been eight years and the Republicans that have fought Obamacare at every turn have absolutely no idea how to replace the legislation. The faster Republicans try to repeal the ACA, the less time they have on the clock to come up with a suitable replacement, and many Republicans have come out against repealing the law without a good replacement. That's important because as maligned as Obamacare has been, it has given millions of people insurance who otherwise could not afford it, or had a preexisting condition disqualifying them from coverage. 

This is a huge battle for Republicans, both in the legislative and executive branches. They promised to gut Obamcare and provide something better, now there are no excuses for them to hide behind. Let's see if they are able to come up with a package that keeps people insured, while keeping down the cost to taxpayers. If they can manage to do both I will tip my cap to them.