A New Look for Infinite Justin in 2017

I've had many homes on the internet over the years. In the early 2000's I was writing blogs on Myspace and Blogger. In the later aughts I made my first money writing online on a Wordpress site that was really hard to look at, but highly functional. In the past five years I have used just about every writing platform on the internet, but the place that I've found to work best for me has been Squarespace. 

It's felt good to find a platform that I can set roots into and try my best to make my own. Infinite Justin has always been a Squarespace site, and like any first home it has been a bit of a fixer upper. My design aesthetic tends to be minimalist with a dash of quirk, and I've spent the last couple of months trying to find a site design that best represented that aesthetic. After countless hours of ripping apart different templates to their bare essentials, I think I've found a layout I can work with. 

The goal of website design, in my opinion, should be to get out of its own way and show off the content the site was intended for. I found last years iteration of IJ.com a little too distracting, especially with the header images. So here we are, with a very stripped down and clean site. 

To give the site a little bit of character I created a logo on Squarepace's logo editor. After spending way too much time trying to come up with a suitable logo I finally settled on my spirit animal, the basset hound. I like the idea of having a distinctive logo on my work, and who knows, maybe someday I'll even stick it on some business cards and/or teeshirts. 

The goal of this site is too show off things that I find interesting in the world, as well as being the home for my writing. It's important to me that the content I provide, and the site that hosts that content, reflect my own sense of personal style. I think this is the closest a site of my creation has ever come to achieving that. I hope that you like the redesign, and find IJ.com a place worth spending your time.