There's a mother in every superhero's origin stroy

Virginia Grohl with her son, Dave. 

Virginia Grohl with her son, Dave. 

It's Mother's Day (Hi, love you moms!), so I thought I'd share this story from T. Rees Shapiro of the Washignton Post about Dave Grohl and his mother, Virginia. 

We are big Dave Grohl fan's around these parts. The Foo Fighters frontman and coffee enthusiast has become something of a rock and roll ambassador over the years. It would be a challenge to find a musician, especially one that started out as a drummer in the D.C. punk scene then played for a little band from Seattle, that has enjoyed more success than Grohl. Behind all of that success there was Virgina Grohl, a teacher of 30 years who, against all of her tearcher instincts, gave her son the OK to drop out of high school to pursue his passion:

“Everyone thought I was out of my mind,” said Grohl, 79. “I knew it was risky, yeah, but it seemed to me a way that he would learn about the world, and that’s what education is supposed to be. It’s not about getting all the answers, but showing you how to learn.”

Rock on Virginia, and to all the mothers out there who go against the grain because it's exactly what their children need.