CBO confirms what we already knew: the GOP Healthcare Bill is awful

Here is Dylan Scott reporting for the Verge:

The health care legislation that the House actually passed at the beginning of May would lead to 23 million more Americans being uninsured in 10 years, versus what would be expected under Obamacare, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

The House bill would also cut taxes by $662 billion over the next decade, according to a separate analysis released Wednesday by the Joint Committee on Taxation, mostly by repealing Obamacare taxes on the wealthy and health care industries.

Some other numbers:

  • A projected 14 million people would lose their insurance next year
  • Would reduce federal deficit by $119 billion over a decade (down from $150 billion in an earlier version of the bill)
  • 1 million more people would be covered in this bill than in earlier renditions
  • Includes $834 billion cut to Medicaid 

Now that the bill has been past on to the Senate, it will likely be stripped apart and will barely be recognizable when it hits the floor for a final vote. It's a shame that the bill was so haphazardly rammed through the House by Paul Ryan and his cronies. The American people deserved to have a chance to see what was in the bill their elected House members were voting for - even if those members didn't know what they were voting for themselves. 

Something tells me the next set of town hall meetings are not going to be any easier for the GOP.