President Macron goes in on Russian state-run media, gives me a serious case of president-envy

James McAuley, writing for the Washington Post:

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a blunt greeting to Vladi­mir Putin on Monday, criticizing the use of chemical weapons by Syria’s Russian-backed government and blasting Russia’s state-run news media as “organs of influence and propaganda.”

Macron had invited the Russian leader to France to reset a relationship that has turned increasingly sour. Putin did more than any other foreign leader to undermine Macron’s legitimacy in this country’s recent presidential election, meeting with his far-right opponent during the campaign.

His meeting with Putin came just days after Macron made his mark on the world stage, welcoming President Trump with an aggressive handshake that the French leader later said was intended to show that he wouldn’t “make small concessions.”

It's not just that Mr. Macron was tough on Russian sate-run propaganda that impressed me, it was that he said all of this to Putin's face. It's nice to see that their are still leaders in the West who are not afraid to stand up for Democracy.