The new Sgt. Pepper's remix is staggering, a must listen for Beatles fans

Most Beatle's fans have listened to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band hundreds of times, but never like this. Last week a new stereo mix of the album was released, and it gives the classic songs new life. The son of legendary producer George Martin, Giles Martin, took incredible care in mixing a stereo version of the album from the original tapes of each instrumental part and it gives each player their full due. Here's an interview that Giles did with NPR in which he talks about the creation of these remixes. 

What really separates this mix from previous ones is the amount of punchiness you get from the low end instrumentals. If you listen to past mixes of Sgt Peppers, either mono or stereo, you will notice how buried in the mix the rhythm section is, especially Ringo's drums. What gets lost in all of the exquisite harmonies, and experimental instrumentals like the sitar and full orchestra's, is the bands signature bass and drums. These remixes bring back the low end, and it feels like a final puzzle piece falling into place, making an incredible album feel whole for the first time. 

It was recently the 50th anniversary of this album, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate one of the greatest albums ever made than to breathe new life into it like this. Even if you are just a causal Beatle's fan I recommend giving the remixes a listen. This is the Beatles are their creative peak, and they have never sounded so good.