New Music From LCD Soundsytem

For a generation of thirty-somethings LCD Soundsytem was the band that helped usher them into adulthood. Songs like "All My Friends" and "Someone Great" were hugely important when I moved away from my hometown and started to lose touch with the people I grew up with. 

When the band decided to call it quits in 2014 I felt like I was losing a friend, and a mentor. When you listened to LCD Soundsystem, or saw them live, you were being reassured that it was OK getting older - in fact in was cause for celebration - perhaps no song captured this motif better than "Losing My Edge." 

It's been a great year for comeback albums. We are getting new music soon from bands like Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, and it seems fitting that LCD Soundsystem would pick this year in particular to release new music.

Last night, at midnight, the band released their first new singles in over half a decade. Being able to sit back and hear "Call The Police" and "American Dream" for the first time was a gift I never thought I was going to get. 

All of my worries about the band not having the same fire after years in the abyss were torched by the radiance of "Call the Police" an ever forward-driving rush of synths and 80's U2 inspired energy that is just as lovely as it is infectious.