Sally Yates Testifies

Today former acting attorney general Sally Yates got in front of a Senate panel and testified on matters including Russia's interference with the presidential election, the possibility that former natsec advisor, Michael Flynn could have been compromised by the Russians, unproven claims that she has been leaking classified information with the press, and - unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly - Hillary Clinton's emails. 

The New York Times has a tidy recap of the hearing if you weren't following along. 

If anything was accomplished during today's hearing, it would be the further questioning of our current President's judgement. It's clear that both his political allies and enemies gave Mr. Trump warnings about hiring General Flynn to such an important position, but he did it anyway. He had information concerning Flynn's connections with the Russian government but kept him on his staff for weeks until the Washington Post ran the story which had the leaked statements featuring Yates concerns. 

You may recall that Flynn resigned from his position as National Security Advisor when it was found out that he had lied to Mike Pence and other people in the executive about having conversations with a Russian ambassador. 

My favorite moment from Yates' testimony when she gave this quote regarding retired General Flynn and his reported connections to the Russian Government:

To state the obvious: You don’t want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians.

News came out earlier today that former President Barack Obama had warned Mr. Trump not to hire Flynn. It should be noted that Obama fired Flynn from his post at the Defense Intelligence Agency, but not for any possible connection between Flynn and Russia. It was Yates testimony that painted a picture of someone who was vulnerable to the Russian government to blackmail. 

It should also be noted that people on Trump's own advisory team, including Chris Christie (not exactly a stalwart in moral authority) had warned the president about hiring Flynn. 

For as much as Republicans in Congress have been actively trying to bury any possible connections between the Trump administration and Russia, it's clear that this story is not going away any time soon. A couple of weeks ago F.B.I director, James Comey, admitted that the agency was investing any possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in the the 2016 election. 

Our President would like us to believe that people are wasting their time looking into connections between himself and Russia:

Mr Trump is going to be dealing with this self-inflicted wound for awhile. There are no amount of tweets and proclamations of fake news that is going to make his Russia connection go away. At the very least our president is guilty of having extraordinarily poor judgement. In the coming weeks and months we will find out if that is all he is guilty of.