Jeff Sessions to Senate Intelligence Committee ‘I am not stonewalling’

Sari Horwitz, Devlin Barret and Matt Zapotosky, writing for the Washing Post:

In a number of testy exchanges with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sessions said he would not discuss his conversations with Trump because of long-standing Justice Department policy that protected private conversations between cabinet secretaries and the president.

“I am not able to discuss with you or confirm or deny the nature of private conversations that I may have had with the president on this subject or others,” Sessions said.

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) pressed Sessions to explain how he could decline to answer questions about his talks with the president without the White House asserting executive privilege.

“I am protecting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses, and there may be other privileges that apply,’’ answered Sessions. “At this point I believe it’s premature for me to deny the president a full and intelligent choice about executive privilege.’’

If only there was a word for this kind of behavior.