The Senate is trying to block reporters from filming in the Capitol (Updated)

Steven Perlbeg, reporting for Buzzfeed:

The Senate Committee on Rules is stepping up oversight of the amount of TV cameras in the halls of the Capitol, and media outlets and Democratic senators are worrying about press access.

Reporters on Tuesday tweeted that a new rule in the Senate will call for reporters to seek approval before filming interviews with senators in hallways, a fixture of the fast-paced media environment on Capitol Hill. Reporters regularly grab senators for quick comments as they walk between meetings and hearings.

Adrienne LaFrance, reporting for The Atltantic:

A staffer with the Senate Radio and Television Correspondents Gallery, who told me repeatedly he couldn’t comment on the matter, confirmed that the gallery director was “roaming the halls” telling reporters about the new rules. (What those rules were, exactly, he wouldn’t say.) Staffers in the Senate Periodical Press Gallery told me that their colleagues were in a meeting trying to figure out the origin and extent of the new rules.

As you can probably imagine, both the press and members of the Senate are surprised to hear about these new rules. Especially given the unprecedented amount of secrecy surrounding Senate Republicans and their draft of a new healthcare bill, or the slew investigations surrounding Trump and members of his cabinet, it does not seem like a great time to be challenging the press and their first amendment rights. Here's a tweet from Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy:

It's a going to be a busy day for people working in Congress. The Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein has already testified in front of the Senate Approriations Committee about matters connected to Trump, Russia and Jeff Sessions. Mr Sessions is set to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee later today. There are some Democrats who feel like the enforcing of these rules today is not a coincidence:

Update: Looks like this issue has been resolved for now: