Arcade Fire continue to dance with their troubles with new single "Everything Now"

Those who were not big fans of the direction Arcade Fire took on their last album, Reflektor, will probably not be over the moon about their new single "Everything Now" which the band released this week along with an accompanying music video.  The song, like most Arcade Fire singles, has grown on me over multiple listens.

There's no band working right now that does epic like Arcade Fire, and that's certainly present on this track. A lot of the themes that lead singer, Win Butler has explored throughout his career are present here, but we are starting to see a tweak in Butler's world perspective as he tackles parenthood:

Every ancient road's got a town
Daddy, how come you're never around?
I miss you, like everything now
Mama, leave the food on the stove
Leave your car in the middle of the road
This happy family with everything now
We turn the speakers up till they break
'Cause every time you smile it's a fake!
Stop pretending, you've got...

These are pretty heavy lyrics set to a tune that could easily be mistaken for ABBA. I think that the dance hall touches work a lot more on "Everything Now" than a lot of the songs off of Reflektor, which had the feel of a band searching for a new sound. If this single is any indication, they may well have found it.