Lyft's new shuttle service sounds familiar

Heather Yamada-Hosley, writing for lifehacker:

I take Lyft or Lyft Line a couple times a week, usually because I’m traveling with other people and it’s the same or cheaper (and much, much cleaner, faster, and more pleasant) than taking public transportation. But Lyfts can add up fast and Lyft Line, while less expensive, can take you out of your way and make your travel time much longer.

Lyft Shuttle addresses both those issues by having you walk to a nearby pick up spot, get in a shared car that follows a pre-designated route, and drops you (and everyone else) off at the same stop. So, basically, you share a ride with other people (most of the time) so your ride price is lower, but you know exactly how long the ride will take because you’re on a pre-designated route.

I'm pretty sure there is a public service that already does something fairly similar. If only only I could remember what that was...

Oh, right. 

I get that people in big cities are not all that excited to use public transit, but it's sad that instead of trying to improve a public service people are running to the private sector to solve their problems.