Russian election attacks 'much broader' than NSA docs show

Susan Page, reporting for USA Today:

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee told USA TODAY on Tuesday that Russian attacks on election systems were broader and targeted more states than those detailed in an explosive intelligence report leaked to the website The Intercept.

"I don't believe they got into changing actual voting outcomes," Virginia Sen. Mark Warner said in an interview. "But the extent of the attacks is much broader than has been reported so far." He said he was pushing intelligence agencies to declassify the names of those states hit to help put electoral systems on notice before the midterm voting in 2018.

"None of these actions from the Russians stopped on Election Day," he warned.

If you haven't been keeping up with the news, yesterday The Intercept published a story based on the leaking of NSA Documents that showed Russia executed a cyberattack on US voting software. 

Later in the day it was reported that Reality Leigh Winner, a government contractor, had been charged with leaking the information to The Intercept. The overriding narrative shifted from the story about Russians hacking into our voting systems, to the arrest of Winner. 

While people were arguing about the merits of arresting people who leak classified material to the state, Senators like Mark Warner are doing their best to declassify the very info to safeguard against foreign entities trying to disrupt our voting practices, the very bedrock of our Democracy, in future elections. 

This is a situation in which people need to be able to digest more than one news story at a time. Senator Warmer admits that Winner should be, "pursued to the full extent of the law." The story of the leak is substantial, and worth taking note of, but that does not make the information in the leak any less vital.