WSJ: How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

This is a wild story by ALexandra Berzon and Rob Barry, writing for the Wall Street Journal:

The hacking spree that upended the presidential election wasn’t limited to Democratic National Committee memos and Clinton-aide emails posted on websites. The hacker also privately sent Democratic voter-turnout analyses to a Republican political operative in Florida named Aaron Nevins.

Learning that hacker “Guccifer 2.0” had tapped into a Democratic committee that helps House candidates, Mr. Nevins wrote to the hacker to say: “Feel free to send any Florida based information.”

Ten days later, Mr. Nevins received 2.5 gigabytes of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee documents, some of which he posted on a blog called that he ran using a pseudonym.

Soon after, the hacker sent a link to the blog article to Roger Stone, a longtime informal adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, along with Mr. Nevins’ analysis of the hacked data.

When you think about it, the way the alleged Russian hacker got info to the GOP makes complete sense. You don't share the info directly with Trump's advisors, you get it into the hands on someone as far down the political chain as possible, then point it out to the higher-ups.